High Five For Friday!


1. Minty shakes from McDonald’s. We’ve had these twice this week. (once for purely medicinal purposes) I think they’re just around for St. Patty’s Day so get yours while supplies last. 😛

2. IKEA. Went there last weekend and have discovered we can gut our house and replace almost all the furniture and the whole kitchen, including appliances, for about $20,000. Not that we would….. And also, Yay Meatballs!

3. Face Time. My stepmom, Jeannie, got a new iPhone 4s this week, so my dad and I got to do Face Time (between doing a little accessibility tech support). It was great seeing them!

4. Getting dirty. I put in some wildflower seeds this week. It feels awesome to play in the dirt again. I haven’t really done anything in our yard since we first got married so it was fun to plan out a couple of easy low maintenance projects. I also did a lot of fertilizing and stuff for the inside plants. Peace Lilly has three blooms, which I don’t think has ever happened since I got her. Green onions are shooting up. Basil is humming right along. And I think Hibiscus will be as tall as me soon.

5. House Hunters. Jason is obsessed. That’s all we’ve watched all week. And that’s perfectly okay with me. We’re planning on cutting the chord in the next month or two, so we were very happy to see they have HH on Hulu. That was a huge relief!

Honorable mentions go to-

Being Human (U.S.). We spent all day Sunday catching up on the last 8 episodes or so. Sally is scary! I’m glad she’s getting more of a plot than just moping around.

Once Upon A Time. Still loving this show.

Egg Timing Gadget Thingy. Perfect boiled eggs every time.

6 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Ikea is never anything less than a day trip so I can squeeze at least ONE meal of the Swedish meatballs out of it! SO GOOD!

    Also, I NEED that egg timer thing. For whatever reason, I cannot ever remember how to boil eggs (but I can remember all the lyrics to Faded by Soul Decision. Look it up. Judge away).

    Happy Friday!

    • Oh I absolutely agree! We always time IKEA around mealtime too 🙂
      My dad bought me the egg timer years ago and I just got around to using it. It’s really cool, changing colors according to how hard or soft you wan the egg. Before that, my eggs would always be too runny, or they’d explode 😛

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