I saw this post on Becky Higgoins’ blog and I got the urge to write this down Right Now. With everything that’s happened the past month, I’ve been a bit too busy living life, and not so much with the documenting feelings and such. So here goes…

I was going to sleep in a little today, but need to be up and dressed for the maintenance man’s visit.

I am hearing strange noises from outside. Maybe downstairs neighbors? So odd having downstairs neighbors…

I think I need to find my Eat Clean Diet book today… also my nail clippers and 124 other vitally important things.

I wonder where my pots and pans are.

I wish my new home didn’t smell like Petco.

I save every random bit of paper, including Jason’s farewell luncheon receipt from yesterday.

I always miss Jason a bit during the day, but especially this week.

I can’t imagine what that strange noise is… sounds like Miss Kitty coughing up a hairball but I know it’s not.

I believe I will get things unpacked and put away… eventually…

I promise that next week will be the long-awaited Jason Is Great Week featuring lots of tasty food, swimming, and other fun things.

I love having the first semi-normal evening last night in weeks. We took a short walk, sprawled on the bed reading mail, talked, ate, watched TV, and then I did the Speed Scrap at SDD. Normal. No life altering decisions to be made. No carrying heavy things up flights of stairs. Awesome night 🙂


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