Project Life Week 16

I’ve been keeping up with PL on and off. I pretty much knew there would be weeks that I would get behind this year, with the unexpected trip and unexpected move. But I’m okay with that. I’ll catch up. I’ve been doing P365 for long enough that it’s become a habit to take photos every day. It’s the getting layouts done on time part that I struggle with sometimes.

I’ve found a few things that help. Having a set of templates that I use every week saves a lot of time. One less thing to think about. I think I also do better when I work on it a little every day or so. I’m definitely more creative with my LO’s when I do this. I love browsing around my Project Life Inspiration pinterest board. I could look at other people’s pages all day long. Not that I have…. okay yeah I totally have.

Anyway so I’m even more inconsistent with posting my PL pages on my blog than I am about actually doing them. I think it’s because by the time I do them, save them in three different forms, upload to SDD, post on my 365 forum, post to FB, import into iPhoto, etc., I just want it DONE. But I will try to post more of them here.

So here is Week 16-

I had no idea that I took so many MK photos this week. She’s not camera-shy, that one. Lots of food pics too. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to photograph this week. Recipes coming soon too.


Project Life Templates A and F by Becky Higgins
Butterflies- Valentastic Day by A-Liya
And Many More SDD collab for April
Scrapaholic by 3 ‘Lil Monsters
On the Move by Scraps By Mara
Bassic Black by Mknopik
Juicy Sweet by Ruby Lane
Joyful Raint Day by Valentina’s CreationsContrary Mary font
1942 font
Chalkduster font


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