Monday Awesomeness

Kind of like High Five for Friday… only on Monday.

1. Week in the Life. Yeah I’m doing it. I’ve attempted it a couple of times, but never with an end result in mind. Now that I found the amazing book that Nettio made last year, I’m super excited to get started today. Curious about WITL? Learn all about it on the Ali Edwards project page.

2. Jason’s new bluetooth car thingy. Jason got the Motorolla Roadster 2 for his birthday and is really enjoying listening to it on his commute.

3. Pillows from Target. I have never in my life bought decorative pillows until I saw these. And fell in love with their sappy beige-y prettiness. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them on the Target website to link.

4. This awesome Family Photo Collage from Bed Bath and Beyond. We got this last week and I’m SO excited to put it up!

5. Swimming. We went swimming for the first time in months. It was great getting in the water again. Jason is pretty insistent that I learn to doggy paddle. For some reason I feel more comfortable with swimming with my head underwater and I’ve never learned to do anything above the water. I think I’m backwards. So he’s been trying to get me to do the doggy paddle thing and I’ve been somewhat resistant. Conversations go something like this-

Me: But I look stupid! *flailing around, kicking my legs and wagging my arms in an incredibly uncoordinated way*
Jason: You don’t look stupid. Stop trying to look cool. You really won’t look cool if you drown. Cool people can goggie paddle.

So in my continuing efforts to be one of the “cool” people, I kept trying. And I flailed myself all the way to the 6 ft. deep end! Twice! Well once and a half. I kind of panicked a little the second time. But still, progress!

2 thoughts on “Monday Awesomeness

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