Week in the Life: Thursday

New verse, same as the first.

Having a hard time thinking of what to get pictures of in the mornings. It doesn’t help that I have been nodding back off when Jason gets up. Will work on that tomorrow. Got up, made lunch, flirted with Jason, watched the news. I neglected him a bit last night so will give him extra loving’ today. 🙂

I’ve been keeping little notes on current news stories this week, so I can add that into whatever I end up doing with all this week’s documentation.

Jason left for work and I had breakfast. Worked on blog post while listening to PRT. I have now listened to every episode twice. Not sure what I’ll start on next. Maybe relisten to the Digi Show or catch up on my tech podcasts. Or a book. I’ve wanted to start the audiobook of the Hunger Games, but I want to wait until I can read it along with my sister.

Wasted a couple of hours on Pinterest and blogs.

Took a shower. IM’ed with Jason. Had some lunch. Cleaned the fridge.  Wrote another blog post and looked at blogs a little.  Brushed MK.

Jason came home in a lot of pain. I made pasta and tomato sauce  with mushrooms and garlic bread. We watched some TV. News, trashy entertainment TV, Community, and the live episode of 30 Rock. I cleaned up the kitchen and we went to bed. Very nice night, other than Jason hurting.

Project notes-
Thursday was an incredibly unproductive day. I think unproductive days are ok every once in a while and they usually end up making me super productive the next day. I didn’t do a ton of documentation. I’m not burned out per se, just don’t have a direction. I saw on Ali’s blog that she’s taking a lot of house pictures, so I might try that today (Friday). I’m sure the next time WITL rolls around, the house will be very different.
Jason mentioned something about whether or not a particular thing was “wilt-worthy”, which was hilarious. I love that he gets on board with all my scrapbooking/ memory keeping/ etc. It’s awesome to have a supportive partner. I’m hoping to be able to add a little more of his voice into this project.
I think this has been a great exercise in getting me to write more.
It’s super neat to read other people’s wilt adventures. It really shows so many people in different stages of their lives, single, married, kids, no kids, first babies, or a housefull of children. I think one thing that has struck me in particular is that there are so many women with husbands or partners who are away, on business or in the military. But they are managing their homes and families. I’m so very grateful that my husband comes home every night. I honestly don’t see how they do it. We were in a long distance relationship for almost a year before we got married and that was plenty! Which doesn’t really have anything to do with witl, so moving on…

16 photos taken (really?? is that all???)
4 Momento notes
1 satisfied wife
1 pained husband
1 wakeful kitty
3 more days… home stretch!


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