Week in the Life: Friday

Last weekday wilt post…

Jason got up in the middle of the night. In pain again. Feel so bad for him. MK was annoying, pawing at the blinds. Jason came back to bed and we fell back asleep. Got up and made coffee and lunch. Packed an ice pack since that seemed to help yesterday. Felt nauseous this morning. Took out the trash and Jason left for work. I watched the news and did morning IM’s. Got caught up on blogs on flipboard. Need to really limit the flipboard and pinterest today.

His breakfast:

My breakfast:

Raisin bran, cleaned up the kitchen and living room, emptied the dishwasher. I’ve developed this weird habit of leaving all the cabinet doors open and walking away.

Put away some laundry from yesterday,and  loved on MK. Listened to the Mommy Beta and the Answer Bitch podcasts.

Worked on the blog. Listened to Diamond Solitaire audiobook.

Had lunch. IM’ed with Jason. Blogged some more. Three posts in one day.

Showered. Worked in CT stuff. Looked on Pinterest for Cinco de Mayo ideas. Realized that the green onion stubs I put in water earlier this week have really sprouted up.

Jason came home and we made a quick trip to Publix. Got some junky food.

Came home. Taco’s and Mojito for me.Had a headache all afternoon. Apparently mojitos don’t help with that. Watched a couple of episodes of House Hunters International and turned in early because neither of us were feeling fantastic.

Project notes-

Just chugging along. Still not getting as many pictures as I want, but still more than I take on an average day. I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot this week, but it really is an “average” week for the first time in months. Really wish Jason was feeling better. But it’s sort of forcing us to slow down the pace, which is a good thing I guess. We can’t survive going full blast forever. I should be enjoying the rest.
I’m already thinking about next wilt. I think I’ like to do another one when Little Man is here. This will be our first summer where he and I are both at home, so really looking forward to that. Those weeks will be a big change from the way things are now so definitely worth documenting.
Thinking of how different my days are now than they were six months ago. How different they will probably be in another six months. Wish I had time to do witl last year when I was working.

17 photos taken, mostly of things around the house
5 Momento notes
2 tweets
1 FB post
1 foursquare check-in
1 husband who needs to quit with the monitor pulling
1 wife who needs to quit with the obsessive Flipboard checking
1 kitty who needs to quit with the late night dance parties
2 more days to go…

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