52 in 52 First Quarter Update

In a couple of days I’ll be 3 months into my 52 in 52 project. I’m kind of surprised at how far I’ve gotten on my list. Some things I’ve completed, several are in progress, many I haven’t started on, and a couple of them I might have to abandon.  Looking through it, I’m excited to knock off a few more things. Here is my progress so far…

  1. Blog my challenges Working on it 🙂
  2. Go parasailing We have the gift certificate to do this, but due to circumstances beyond our control (moving, sickness, chest pain, etc.) haven’t been able to yet.
  3. Go ice skating Ditto #2
  4. Complete the exercise my age challenge (34 straight days of exercising) Attempted once and did 17 or 18 straight days, which I’m really proud of, but fell off that wagon. Will definitely try again.
  5. Go a month without soda This one I “almost” made. And Jason says I should have counted this as a success. I was on Week three with no soda when we had to travel for a family health emergency. During the week of traveling+hospital visits+more traveling, I had 2 or 3 sodas. So while not a complete success, definitely close. Will be trying this one again too.
  6. Do 144 layouts for my Twelve class (I’m counting ones I did before my birthday, since I was already a month into the class) So behind on this. Might have to be abandoned.
  7. Finish up last year’s P365 layouts
  8. Print my 2011 P365 book
  9. Meditate
  10. Do something new in L.A.
  11. Ride a bike
  12. Do a ballet workout
  13. Do a bellydancing workout
  14. Stay up to date with this 2012 Project Life Not completely up to date, but close. 
  15. Try 52 new recipes (40 healthy) 6 healthy down as of 5-8
  16. 3 (or 4) Times Twelve project (a family photo each month) Can be found here. Caught up and blogged, except last month’s
  17. Donate 3 pints of blood
  18. Volunteer
  19. Tour a sewage treatment plant
  20. Pick some food
  21. Grow some herbs and use themCaprese Salad
  22. Have a weekend without screens (phone, computer, iPad, TV)
  23. Do something new in St. Augustine
  24. Send something to Charles each month he’s not with us So far so good. Card in February and Easter box in April. Nothing in March though. I probably won’t blog these, but I might do a post with ideas for packages.
  25. Read 10 books from the NYT bestseller list
  26. Take a dance class
  27. Create a vision board
  28. Watch 10 movies from IMDB’s top 150
  29. Have a candlelight dinner Cinco de Mayo
  30. Have fondue
  31. Go to 5 different beaches One down, four to go!
  32. Have a picnic in the park
  33. Do Couch to 5k
  34. Go camping
  35. Wear everything in my fancy drawer once (or get rid of it)
  36. Get a checkup
  37. Go to the dentist
  38. Make something with puff pastry
  39. Take a class (other than Twelve)
  40. Find out what it will take to finish my Associate’s
  41. Do at least 5 things on my Pinterest board while Charles is here.
  42. Build a sandcastle
  43. Go geocaching
  44. Do 50 push ups in one go
  45. Do 12 Roundups Way behind on this. Might need to be abandoned.
  46. Do 5 hybrid projects Two done, one blogged. The first was pretty fugly, so might not post about that one. The other is here
  47. Get a tan
  48. Try a new hairstylePigtails
  49. Watch the whole series of Lost
  50. Have people over
  51. Get a passport
  52. Plan a nice (cheap) birthday week for Jason“Jason is Great” Week


When I wrote this list three months ago, I had no idea how much things would change in such a short time! My mom had an unexpected health scare, we drove to Nashville and back, got a chance to buy our condo, got that snatched away, found a new place, moved, Jason got offered a new job and accepted… it’s been quite a whirlwind! Just writing it all out makes me tired. But between all of that, I still did quite a few things on my list. I’m really proud of us and all we’ve accomplished the past three months.
I think I do better with small one off or short term goals, as opposed to big year long goals. The two that I’m thinking about abandoning are both yearly goals.
At least 10 of these will be marked off this summer. Super excited for that!
Ready to ramp up the healthy recipes in the coming month.
The physical challenges have been hard with some health issues I’ve been having. I will probably work on the bulk of them this fall.
Overall I’m pretty pleased with the progress so far. My goals are about having fun, working towards a healthier lifestyle, and spending time with the people I love. And I’m definitely doing that. 🙂

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