Project Life Week 18

This week I was in a serious hurry to get this LO knocked out. Usually I like to take my time and play, especially with the washi. But this week I wanted to just get it done. KISS in action right here. One kit. One font. A bunch of pictures. That’s it.

I think I’m going to take the text from my Cinco de Mayo post and put it in the PL book. Also considering putting my High Five for Friday posts in too. Maybe I’ll do a PL book plus a blog post book. Or just jam them all together somehow. Any ideas for combining projects like this?

Anyway, on to the pages!

I wanted to add a few iPhone screen shots this week, since “May the 4th Be With You” was all over the internet. Jason finds the cutest nerdy things so I wanted to add those.

Other than that, it’s pretty self explanatory, mostly household photos. I really like the one of us holding the taquitos because you can see a peek into the living room at our couch and shelves. One more kind of cool thing too is that the Chat Noir picture on the first page made an appearance on my Very First Project 365 page back in September 2010. Hard to believe I’ve been doing this almost two years! And I just noticed that on that same first P365 LO, I also have a rain picture. And food. Wow. Maybe I need to expand my repertoire a little 🙂


Basics by Alegna Designs
Template by Becky Higgins
1942 Typewriter font


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