High Five for Friday

There was so much awesomeness this week!

1. Belated Father’s Day.  Super Hero Father’s Day was so much fun to put together. I’m actually sort of looking forward to doing something crafty for the 4th now. (Ignore the dirty bowl in the sink).

2. Swimming. Again. I actually hadn’t gone swimming for awhile, but we’ve already been three times since Little Man got here. We were all a little rusty at first, but we’re getting our groove back and even played some games in the pool. LM is also learning to snorkel.

3. Green Cay park. We went there last weekend and had a really fun time walking around checking out the wildlife. Even saw a couple of baby alligators!

4. The Boy’s Market. One of our favorite local Farmer’s Markets. It’s always really crowded, but so worth it. Fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goodies, and the Best onion bread and vegetable cream cheese. And all indoors so you’re not sweltering in the heat.

5. Jason and Jen keeping their s*** together with a child in the house. I’ve always been told by many people (including my mother) that nothing ruins a relationship like having children. And for the most part I believe them, lol. (Please feel free to chime in if you’re in an awesome relationship and have kids). And I know it’s only been two weeks, but it’s been really great having all of us in the house together. We are a good team. And sometimes we even get to have grown up conversations. And I know one night we’ll eventually get a full night’s sleep. Probably sometime in September.

Honorable mention this week goes to my new favorite skirt. Two things that I never thought I’d ever wear are horizontal stripes and maxi skirts. Because seriously this skirt makes me look as big as the side of a barn. But I. Do. Not. Care. I wear this thing Everywhere. It is so ridiculously comfortable.

Also Pro Tip: (Can you say that about things that aren’t tech related?) Don’t wear long skirts to the airport. They actually have a Skirt Alert. I got a Skirt Alert with No Cause, which meant I got pulled aside and patted down. And not just a friendly pat down, a serious Spread ‘Em kind of pat down. I won’t go into why I’m such an expert in pat downs, but trust me, that lady was thorough. And that’s the last time you’ll catch this girl in a maxi skirt at LAX.

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Father’s Day 2012

Okay I know I’m lame. I celebrate things late, like Jason’s birthday week. But this year we were traveling on Father’s Day, so we decided as a family to celebrate a week later. I scoured Pinterest and had secret talks with Little Man to come up with ideas.

Here’s what we came up with- a Super Hero themed Father’s Day!

This post from Jordan at Oh Happy Day was the inspiration for the theme. Make your own super hero survival kit. So cool! It was a lot of fun to put together and really easy, especially considering my lack of craftiness. Check out her post for free printables so you can make your own.

We made this book with printables from Eighteen25. It was cute and simple. I like that we could write our own personal messages in there. For some reason I didn’t get pictures of it, but it was really sweet.

LM also made a comic starring Daddy and Miss Kitty fighting the forces of evil in the form of sand monsters, the Box King, and an overcharged tennis ball machine.

Oh and I also made a ringtone for him using a sound clip from this commercial. We’ve all been going around the house at random times saying “Ooooh that’s hippie talk!”

Then we rounded off the Super Hero evening by watching the Green Lantern. Pretty fun night with the guys. 🙂

Yet another post about the Little Man

At some point I will return to blogging about recipes and scrapbook stuff. But right now while we have the Little Man, of course he’s top of mind. And I’m a huge fan of turning blog posts into journaling for scrapbook pages. So one thing I want to do this summer is to write down observations for later pages. I have to save up enough photos and stories to fill up pages for the other forty-seven weeks out of the year right?

Every summer when LM comes to us, he seems changed. Of course that happens. But it’s surprising to me how much things stay the same from year to year.

He still loves Angry Birds. Obsessively. We are currently filming an epic movie starring his plush toys. I will be making costumes. Scary thought.

He’s still super polite. He’s constantly asking if I need help with anything and offering to carry things.

He still jabbers… a lot. He doesn’t stop talking from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. Which I really like (mostly).

He’s still very affectionate. He gives lots of hugs and pats on the back throughout the day.

He’s still a perfectionist and way too hard on himself.

He’s still a good eater and is willing to try new things. (So happy that he’s over the picky stage!)

He still likes blowing bubbles. Jason and I were in Target a few weeks ago lamenting that we were sure he wouldn’t like bubbles anymore this year. So glad we were wrong about that. I think bubbles are sentimental to me because that was one of the things we liked doing together when he was little.

He still loves to swim and we’re having an awesome time going to the pool throughout the week.

But a lot of things are different this year…

He has a new sister and talks about her a lot. I think he’s scared that she’ll be walking and talking by the time he goes back to CA.

He still likes traveling, but he wants to go to new places. When given the choice between going to St. Augustine and Tampa for his birthday, he actually eschewed theme parks and roller coasters for historic forts.

He puts the toilet seat down now! Hallelujah!

He’s becoming quite the musician. He played cello last year and is learning the guitar.

He and his Dad are playing more soccer than football so far this summer.

He started listening to audiobooks before bed.

We are having more grownup conversations this year.

He likes to cuss, but tries really hard not to.

He’s seriously into drawing comics. So far he’s already made one for Daddy and one for Grandpa.

I could go on and on… and on. It’s so much fun seeing how he’s grown and changed over the course of a year, but still being able to appreciate the things that remain the same. 🙂

Project Life Week 19

I’m currently in a frenzy to catch up with my Project Life. One of my goals for this month was to do six Project Life layouts. I’m about halfway there. I’ll probably post them all next week. But I did realize that I had one week that I’d already done but not blogged, so here is Week 19, May 7th-12th. Lots of words and pictures, minimal embellishments. I like using the photo in place of a title card. Will have to do that again.


Becky Higgins Template A
Basics kit by Alegna
1942 Report font

So far, so good

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” -Walter Anderson

This is a quote that can tell my life story right now. On so many fronts.

I had some anxiety this year at the thought of staying home with Little Man. Before this summer I think we had spent a total of three or four days alone together.

Okay there was a lot of anxiety. What the heck would we do all day? Could I keep him entertained or would I have to resort to using the iPad to keep him occupied? What if we spent all this time together and discovered we really didn’t like each other?

I scoured Pinterest for ideas of fun things to do. I harassed Jason for ideas. And then finally the day day came… and it was okay. We were okay. We still like each other.

It’s only been a few days, but we’ve worked out a routine for ourselves. We do projects. We play outside at least once a day. We cook together. We play soccer. We blow bubbles. Yes, we do spend time in front of screens. (I’ve gotta work sometime). But it’s not nearly as hard as I was afraid it would be.

And the best part? We’re having real conversations. Silly things, serious things, how much fun it is to cuss, how much he loves his baby sister and misses his Uncle Joe. I feel like I’m really getting to know him as a person.

And also… I get to be the “fun one” sometimes. Daddy was always the Fun One. I was the One Who Made Him Eat Vegetables. So that’s pretty awesome.

Summer Manifesto

I know the summer is partially over for most people, but ours got started a little late this year. So here is my Summer Bucket List for 2012.

  1. Do something cool for Father’s Day. Check.
  2. Do something new in California. Check Check.
  3. Go to St. Augustine.
  4. Go swimming as much as possible.
  5. Go to a park. Check.
  6. Go to a water park.
  7. Make homemade lemonade.
  8. Make ice cream.
  9. Make pickles.
  10. Do something for the 4th.
  11. Make pizza.
  12. Eat outside.
  13. Go to the beach.
  14. Do crafty stuff.
  15. Love on these guys. A lot.

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Simple Things Sunday

This is the time of year when I really appreciate the little things. Having Little Man in the house brings a new joy and energy to Jason and me. I get all gooey over the smallest things, snuggling on the couch, hearing his laugh… just everything. But the thing that makes me the happiest above all else is seeing how Jason and LM are around each other. Their faces just light up in such a special way that is so heart warming.

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One month without soda (and counting)

Well I did it! For real this time. It wasn’t as hard as my last attempt was. I had a few temptation moments, but I didn’t give in. So I celebrated last week- with a Sprite. And found that I couldn’t even finish it. It just wasn’t tasty to me at all. Then on Sunday night I had another glass of Sprite. And it made me feel sick. So I really might be finished with soda now. And that feels fantastic!

I’m not completely finished with sugary drinks. I do indulge in the occasional hot chocolate or lemonade. But compared with the huge amount I was guzzling down this time last year, it’s nothing. It’s mostly all water, all the time. And my tummy thanks me for that.

So here’s one more small step in trudging towards that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle”. And one more thing knocked off my 52 in 52 list.

Goin’ back to Cali (part two)

We woke up Monday morning and relaxed at the hotel for a bit before heading out to breakfast. Little Man brought his guitar so he and Grandpa M. can play together this summer.

I love these socks. Yellow and fuzzy like tennis balls.

We breakfasted at the fantastic Gaffey Street Diner.

I cannot say enough good things about this place! Biscuits as big as your head, eggs with chorizo and avocado, and gigantic blueberry pancakes.

We had the sweetest waitress. I wish I wasn’t so terrible with names. But a great time was had my all and we left with our bellies dragging along behind us.

Our next stop was at the S. S. Lane Victory. We were disappointed that we wouldn’t be in town for one of the reenactments, they look super cool. The volunteers there are really great. They’ll strike up a conversation with you, or in LM’s case, try to put you to work. I took a bazillian pictures, but here are use a few.

We got to clambor around a jeep.

And pretend to shoot some big guns.

I loved their collection of old war posters and newspapers. I could have stayed there all day.

View of L. A. from the deck.

After we left the ship, we stopped at Randy’s Doughnuts. Mmmmmm doughnuts…

I made Charles take the obligatory Annual Photo in a Hotel Lobby. When I saw him make this face, I threatened to put it on the internet and he said fine 😛

Then there was this…

A lot more of that actually.

For dinner that night we went back to Beach Pizza. It was even better than the night before. We’ll definitely be hitting them up next time we’re in town.

The next day we flew back home. It was another long day, but we were So Happy to be home. And I have a new infatuation with Pregnant in Heels. And it was awesome to show Little Man the new place. He really likes it.

So there it is. Our 4th trip to California. Good times 🙂

High Five for Friday

So many things to be grateful for right now.

1. Of course the best thing is that we have a Little Man in the house now!

2. I’m ready to get to work on my summer Pinterest board. Lots of fun things to do this summer.

3. Miss Kitty and Little Man seem to be really getting along so far. I’m relieved that he doesn’t seem to be nervous around her anymore. (He had good reason. She used to randomly attack him for no apparent reason).

4. Glad to have be sticking close to home this summer. We only have one small trip planned, which is a lot less than we usually do. But it will be nice to keep it more low key after the year we’ve had so far.

5. I’ve decided how to document this summer in a really simple way- using Instagram photos and putting them into a Blurb book. So easy that I might actually finish this year! (I’m still working on Little Man’s summer book from last year). I’ve never used Blurb before, but I’ve already started the book and it’s super easy. I’m modeling it after a book that Elise Blaha Cripe did. Simplicity will be a welcome change, as I tend to overcomplicate things so much that I don’t finish.

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