One month without soda (and counting)

Well I did it! For real this time. It wasn’t as hard as my last attempt was. I had a few temptation moments, but I didn’t give in. So I celebrated last week- with a Sprite. And found that I couldn’t even finish it. It just wasn’t tasty to me at all. Then on Sunday night I had another glass of Sprite. And it made me feel sick. So I really might be finished with soda now. And that feels fantastic!

I’m not completely finished with sugary drinks. I do indulge in the occasional hot chocolate or lemonade. But compared with the huge amount I was guzzling down this time last year, it’s nothing. It’s mostly all water, all the time. And my tummy thanks me for that.

So here’s one more small step in trudging towards that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle”. And one more thing knocked off my 52 in 52 list.

2 thoughts on “One month without soda (and counting)

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