Yet another post about the Little Man

At some point I will return to blogging about recipes and scrapbook stuff. But right now while we have the Little Man, of course he’s top of mind. And I’m a huge fan of turning blog posts into journaling for scrapbook pages. So one thing I want to do this summer is to write down observations for later pages. I have to save up enough photos and stories to fill up pages for the other forty-seven weeks out of the year right?

Every summer when LM comes to us, he seems changed. Of course that happens. But it’s surprising to me how much things stay the same from year to year.

He still loves Angry Birds. Obsessively. We are currently filming an epic movie starring his plush toys. I will be making costumes. Scary thought.

He’s still super polite. He’s constantly asking if I need help with anything and offering to carry things.

He still jabbers… a lot. He doesn’t stop talking from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. Which I really like (mostly).

He’s still very affectionate. He gives lots of hugs and pats on the back throughout the day.

He’s still a perfectionist and way too hard on himself.

He’s still a good eater and is willing to try new things. (So happy that he’s over the picky stage!)

He still likes blowing bubbles. Jason and I were in Target a few weeks ago lamenting that we were sure he wouldn’t like bubbles anymore this year. So glad we were wrong about that. I think bubbles are sentimental to me because that was one of the things we liked doing together when he was little.

He still loves to swim and we’re having an awesome time going to the pool throughout the week.

But a lot of things are different this year…

He has a new sister and talks about her a lot. I think he’s scared that she’ll be walking and talking by the time he goes back to CA.

He still likes traveling, but he wants to go to new places. When given the choice between going to St. Augustine and Tampa for his birthday, he actually eschewed theme parks and roller coasters for historic forts.

He puts the toilet seat down now! Hallelujah!

He’s becoming quite the musician. He played cello last year and is learning the guitar.

He and his Dad are playing more soccer than football so far this summer.

He started listening to audiobooks before bed.

We are having more grownup conversations this year.

He likes to cuss, but tries really hard not to.

He’s seriously into drawing comics. So far he’s already made one for Daddy and one for Grandpa.

I could go on and on… and on. It’s so much fun seeing how he’s grown and changed over the course of a year, but still being able to appreciate the things that remain the same. 🙂

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