Project Life Catch-up: Week 25

This is one of my favorite PL spreads yet. The week we went to go pick up Little Man!

Usually when we’ve done a lot of stuff during the week I get overwhelmed trying to decide what to use. I think the blog is actually helping me a bit with that. I don’t have to try to figure out how to tell ALL my stories in my Project Life. When I get to feelin’ wordy, all I have to do is write it out here. I talked about the California trip here and here. I’ll figure out a way to add the blog posts into my big PL book at some point.

Also I had the Perfect Kit for this week, Wanderlust by Pink Reptile Designs. She guested at SDD a few months back and I fell totally in love with this travel kit. I could thing of at least ten different LO’s I could use it for. It’s just that good.


Becky Higgins Project Life template
Wanderlust kit by Pink Reptile Designs
Fonts- American Typewriter, 1942 Report

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more by clicking here. More of my Project Life posts can be found here.

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