June scrapping goals

I love lists. A lot. Big lists like 52 in 52. Smaller bite sized lists like my Summer Manifesto. And you should see my to-do list app on my phone. It’s ridiculous.

I also do one more list each month at Scrappity Doo Dah. It’s a scrapbooking goals list. Because I totally need one more to-do list in my life. But I’m all about accountability in my goal setting endeavors. And this list is mostly all fun stuff. I’m taking my cue from Elise Blaha Cripe, who wrote a fabulous article on goal setting. Make it fun. And if it doesn’t get done, that’s okay. It’s about the process.

Well that was way more philosophical than I meant to get in this post… on to my June Scrapping goals!

1. Keep up with CT assignments.
2. Do 5 P365 LO’s. (I have a couple of ones for this year still to do)
3. Leave more love in the gallery this month.
4. Make some templates.
5. Do 15 blog posts. I’m planning on using these as journaling for future LO’s.
6. Make a list of stories I’d like to tell.

4 thoughts on “June scrapping goals

  1. That’s a great list! I love to make lists too (as if you couldn’t tell from my blog name, ha ha). It’s always good to have goals in life, it keeps me focused.

    • okay I just had a total fangirl moment… something like omg listgirl just commented on my blog!!!!!!!!!….. I’m ok now…
      I was actually just talking to my dad this morning and accidentally let it slip that calling him was on my to-do list today. He was a title offended that I had put him on a list, but I tried to tell him that all the Important People are on my to-do list…. I just need a list to keep everything straight in my brain. It’s really an honor to be on my list, I promise 😛 I definitely need them to keep me focused. Otherwise my parents probably wouldn’t hear from me for months. Lists are a coping mechanism for the absent-minded 🙂

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