Three Times Twelve: Six months in

I haven’t totally abandoned this project. I just keep forgetting to blog about it. One of the things I wanted to do this year was take a Family Photo every month this year. Since our family looks different from month to month, the photos are going to look different. At the very least, I want a picture of me and Jason each month. If we can wrangle up Miss Kitty to join the party, that’s a plus. And of course since we have the Little Man, he’ll be in them too. The real challenge is going to be getting all four of us together for a picture. We’ll see…

Here’s what we have so far-

January at our old house

February at our old house
March at my mom’s house in Nashville
April right after getting the key to our new place
May on our newly decorated deck
June Los Angeles

It’s crazy to see how our life has changed over the past six months. Which I think I say that in every other post. But seeing it laid out like this is pretty interesting. Definitely one of my favorite projects yet!


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