Garden update

I started my little balcony garden back in May. I would love to say it has flourished and that it has provided hours of enjoyment and fresh herbs. That is not exactly the case.

I decided to move my Wandering Jew and the pink plant outside. (I can’t remember the name and unfortunately threw away it’s tag).

I’ve lost a few of my herbs. The cilantro didn’t last long. I don’t even think I harvested anything off of it. The basil did better. I got several good snips off it, but eventually it succumbed to my black thumb. I am really terrible at growing basil.

But I am persistent. We found this HUGE basil plant at a farmer’s market for only $5!! And I’m happy to say that it’s doing quite well so far.

I’ve also gotten quite a few good clippings from my mint. I recently repotted it, and I’m hoping it will take over my big planter. I hear that they spread out a lot, so you have to plant them in their own pot.

My other plants are doing great. I’m pleasantly surprised that my flowers have lasted so long. They’re still putting out little buds, which add a nice bit of color.

I think all my indoor plants might be jealous because I’m only talking about the outside ones. Maybe I’ll do a post on them soon. But in the meantime, I’m pretty excited that my balcony plants are doing so well.

4 thoughts on “Garden update

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