Right now

From Pinterest

loving my new mantra

missing Little Man so so much

working on a huge list of layout ideas

enjoying some great blogs

contemplating my next book to read

disappointed in NBC’s Olympics coverage

looking forward to a short visit from LM this evening

getting lots of kitty snuggles

feeling kind of nauseous

thinking that mini chocolate pie last night wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had

leaning on Jason more than I probably should

grateful we have each other

anticipating the day when seeing Angry Birds plushies doesn’t make me want to sob

starting a new relationship with u-verse.

so proud of my sister for being brave and taking care of business

retweeting too much

ready for the sadness to pass

carrying on in the meantime

promising that this will be my only bummer emo post this week. All happy from here on out.

4 thoughts on “Right now

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