What’s for Dinner Vol. 3

I’m so glad last week is over! Let’s just say it was super crappy food-wise and leave it at that. This is a brand new week that will be filled with tasty healthy-ish food. I’m going to backtrack a little, and start with last night.

The Plan-

Monday- Crock Pot Chicken, mac and cheese
Tuesday- Chicken salads with leftover CP Chicken, vegetable soup
Wednesday- Roast, Creamed Spinach, mashed potatoes
Thursday- Mamwich (for Jason), slaw
Friday- Fish Tacos and slaw, refried beans
Saturday- Pizza and salad
Sunday- Crockpot Fake Rotisserie Chicken, veggies

I’m depending on my slow cooker a lot this week. I’m also hoping to make some tasty new sides and finally make another batch of basil lemonade.

There you go, short and sweet.

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