Some of my favorite posts

Now that I’ve reached the milestone of writing 100 posts, I wanted to gather up a few of my favorites since I started this blog, waaaayyy back at the beginning of February.

Our Love Story and Our Engagement Story

52 in 52 Weeks original post and update

Thoughts on Home, a post I wrote during the stress of moving

Jason is Great Week, Jason’s (belated) birthday week

Hatsume Fair, fun day with friends

Cinco de Mayo, our first celebration at our new place

Father’s Day, where I got a little crafty

Talking about spending the summer with the Little Man, and how much he’s changed in a year. And of course the trip to pick him up.

Working out my feelings once he left.

Trying to start a garden

Fourth of July, Pinterest style

My obsession with Hunger Games

Posts on gratitude

And a few more goodies from my sidebar right now. I add these because I’m planning to change things up in the fall, so it will look different soon.


I have really loved having this space to document and share what’s going on in our lives. Can’t wait to see what the next 100 posts will bring 🙂

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