Tropical Storm Isaac

All last week we kept an eye on the weather. We thought we probably wouldn’t be in the direct line of fire, but we knew we would get some bad weather. I was getting used to bad weather. We had been having lightning storms almost every day that week.

We wanted to be prepared for the worst, so we spent Saturday getting ready. Jason found extra candles and flashlights. I checked the supplies we had on hand and made a list. I double checked a few Hurricane Preparedness sites, especially how long food is safe to eat after the power goes out.

We went to the store for our regular Saturday shop and to get a few extra gallons of water. It was packed, because of course everyone was losing their everlovin’ minds. We got the essentials- water, cat food, beer, and Fritos. We got home and settled in to watch the second season of Sherlock.

Jason called to check on our friends Antoine and Heidi. Heidi’s dad passed away last week and we wanted to make sure they were ready for the storm. They hadn’t been shopping, so he said we’d pick up some water and stuff and bring it to them. We had a nice evening talking, watching TV, and playing video games. It was a nice distraction from worrying.

The next morning we watched the Weather Channel and ate a lot of junk food. It started raining heavily and we went out to take pictures.

Jason moved all the plants into a corner out of the wind.

Miss Kitty was unimpressed by the whole thing.

Jason and I are storm spotters, so I did a lot of tweeting and posting to FB to keep people updated on the storm.

We went through several squalls throughout the day. “A little wind, a little rain” as Jason says. It actually wasn’t that bad during the day. We spent a lot of time outside on our patio or front porch.

When it got too bad, we would head back in and watch more Sherlock and play video games.

We thought we had seen the worst of it. The radars were showing that most of the storms had passed us. I did the speed scrap at SDD. Towards the end of the SS it started storming and this time there was a lot of lightning.

There had been sporadic tornado watches throughout the day, one possible tornado had even come as close as Lake Worth. They issued a blanket tornado watch until the next morning.

We started getting ready for bed around midnight and the storm was still going strong. Then the power went out. It was on and off throughout the night. It came back on for the last time just in time for Jason to get coffee before heading to work.

All in all, for us it wasn’t a very bad storm. It was nerve-wracking, especially with all the lightning towards the end.  But no damage to our house, everyone was safe, and the power was only out for a couple of hours. Very grateful for that.

*These are a mixture of pictures taken by Jason and me and put up on instagram. Jason took some pretty awesome photos with our other camera. I’ll post those once I get them shrunk down and web-ready.

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