High Five for Friday


This week was mostly taken up by worries over Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Isaac. Other than that, it was pretty quiet. Here are a few good things…

1. Everybody’s ok. Everyone in my immediate family, at least. Isaac was not very bad for us at all. The real worry was for my Jason’s dad and brother, who live outside of New Orleans. We got a short message from him yesterday that everything was ok, but no real details. I know Slidell, that the town we stayed in when we visited them a few years ago had devastating flooding. Really terrible situation and our thoughts are with those in the Gulf region affected by the hurricane.

2. Sherlock. On a lighter note, we finished up the second season this week. I loved it, especially the first episode with the smokin’ hot Irene.

3. Presidential Knife Fight. I stumbled across this post yesterday from the Face In the Blue blog wherein he hypothesizes which president would win if there was a Hunger Games style arena knife fight to the death. Now y’all know I love me some Hunger Games. I also love me some history. So this was probably my favorite read all week.

4. Mojo is running high. I’ve lost count of the scrapbook pages I’ve made this week. It was a lot though. And I could probably sit and do a dozen more right now, but there are other things that are taking away from that… showering, job search, etc.

5. The return of John Stewart. We missed him during the little hiatus.

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