30 Days of lists- Day 1

I’m super excited to be participating in my first round of 30 Days of Lists! The name says it all. 30 Days is a challenge to make 30 lists throughout the month. What you do with your lists is up to you. You can use the prompts to make scrapbook pages, mini books, all kinds of pretty-ness. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with them yet, but I love the idea of having lists to use as a sort of time capsule. For now, I’m just going to put them all up here on ye olde blog.

The first list prompt is-

I am a lister because…

I am a lister because I need a way to get everything that’s in my brain out of there so it won’t be so cluttered all the time. I have many lists going on at one time and I need someplace to dump it all, or it gets stressful and I never get anything done. Lists help me accomplish things. Lists help me remember things. Lists give my brain a rest. Lists give me a sense of peace. (Until I look at everything I have yet to do on any particular list…)

Some lists I’ve blogged about-

52 in 52 list
Summer Manifesto
June Scrapping goals

List made 8.27.12

Curious about 30 Days of Lists? Check them out here. See all my lists (so far) here.

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