30 Days of lists- Day 2

Today’s prompt is- Goals for this month

  1. Take positive steps towards finding a part time job
  2. Blog about all the adventures we had this summer with the Little Man.
  3. Continue keeping up with my CT and mod duties at SDD
  4. Decorate for Halloween
  5. Start a new series with Jason, or finish an old one.
  6. Blog at least 5 recipes
  7. Do a video for my Twelve class (or at least do a post)
  8. Make something with puff pastry (this has seriously been one of my goals since 2004 and I haven’t done it yet).
  9. Make something not related to food.
  10. Get through September relatively unscathed.

September is going to be a fun month. Everything on my list is fun, with the possible exception of #1. But getting a job means more money, and that’s definitely fun šŸ™‚

List made 8.27.12

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