Music Challenge at Scrappity Doo Dah

Every month I host a challenge at SDD, but I never blog them for some reason. So here is this month’s challenge. It’s always great to see the many different takes on the same theme. And I ALWAYS get at least one of the songs stuck in my head 🙂

For this month’s Scrappin’ to the Music Challenge, let’s scrap about school songs! I’m leaving this one pretty open, but here are some ideas-

A song your kids learned in school.
Your graduation song.
A song for a musical you sang while in college.
A song with “school” or “learn” in the title or lyrics.
Your school’s song.

You get the idea. And please let us know the back story of your song, if it’s not an obvious school song. Don’t forget to post in the Scrappin’ to the Music gallery and come back here and link us up so we can leave you some lovin’.

As always, here’s the fine print-
We have new guidelines for the Gallery. Check them out here.
Challenge Rules
Challenge Point Guidelines

Blue Jean Blues by Bekah E.…amp;amp;page=1
Lyrics by Nathalie Merchant
Make It and Love It and Janda Manatee fonts


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