30 Days of Lists- Day 5

Today’s prompt is-

“Reasons to start…”

ugh… I knew what this one was going to be….

Reasons to (finally) start getting seriously serious about finding that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle” for real this time…


  1. I want a long healthy life with Jason. That’s always the biggie. . I want to travel the world with Jason. I want to ride around the country in an RV together. I want us to die peacefully together in our sleep holding hands like that old couple in the Titanic. Except for the ship sinking/ drowning part.
  2. Of course the next one has to be wanting to live a long healthy life for the kids. I mean, somebody has to teach these guys how to cook, even if it’s from a distance right?. That’s going to take years and years.  I want to see my sister marry someone awesome and start collecting a bunch of adopted multiracial nieces and nephews for me to spoil rotten. I want to see Little Man grow up into a Big Man.
  3. I want to take trapeze lessons. Like a lot.
  4. I want to run.
  5. My body deserves better than what I give it.
  6. I am getting old and finding that things like doughnuts and Coke actually make me sick. Should probably take that as a sign.
  7. Last week I reached my all time highest weight ever. That happened. Moving on.

I guess this list is kind of hard, and not for the obvious reasons. I truly don’t have a lot of hangups about my weight. I think I’m way hotter than the rest of the world thinks I am, but that’s ok. Not really looking for outside approval on that. I don’t feel guilty about eating “bad” food. I love the hell out of every bite. I don’t necessarily think that my weight is holding me back from anything. (Except trapeze lessons). I still rock my bathing suit on the beach. I still go out and do things. I really like my life. Would it really be that much more awesome if I lost weight?

So far I haven’t had any ill effects from being this size for the past 13 years. But I know they’re coming and I guess that’s what scares me. I do not want to take a handful of pills every day for preventable diseases.

On the other hand, I would like to be more active. I have goals that would be more easily met if I lost weight. I would like to feed my body with better food. It’s a process. Sometimes I’m in it, sometimes not. I don’t have any answers today. If I get any, you’ll be the first to know.

Getting way too deep with these past couple of lists! Ready for the next one.

List made 9.2.12

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