New camera!!!!

I am now the proud co-owner of a Nikon 3100!!!

I’m super excited to get some better pictures. I’ve been wanting a DSLR pretty much since I started scrapbooking in 2009. When we went to St. Augustine with my FIL, Jason fell in love with his dad’s Nikon. So of course all of a sudden we totally needed one too.

Costco is having a great deal on the 3100 package this month, so if anyone is in need of a camera, go check it out. It came with two lenses, a case, and a couple of instructional DVD’s. We also got a tripod. We’re now working on a pretty extensive wish list of accessories and lenses. If anyone has a recommendation for a remote, we’d love to hear it.

I haven’t gotten to play around with it a ton, but Jason has taken some fantastic pictures. And hopefully this will help me be less discouraged with blogging my recipes.

So far we’ve taken photos of ducks.

And trees.

The faster shutter speed is soooo nice for catching birds in flight.

We tried to shoot the full moon with mixed results.

Jason got some cool photos of our balcony garden.

And this guy.

And of course we have to take pictures of every meal we eat. Cause that’s how we roll….

I’m excited to learn more about photography. But weirdly I still use instagram for so many more of my pictures. Whatever works 🙂

Also Jason is getting back to his blog. Check it out here.

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