Scrapping retro photos

I’m listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable episode 128 “Mushrooms and Daisies” right now. I had to pause it and start writing down ideas because I love this topic! It’s about scrapping old photos by the way, if you can’t tell from the title. Mushrooms and daisies, as in that 70’s wallpaper with all the grren and orange? Yeah those mushrooms and daisies.

And I’ve totally done a LO celebrating that wallpaper. One of the very first LO’s I ever uploaded to a gallery waaay back in August 2010.

Now that we’ve moved I’m so glad I did that LO.

Looking through my gallery, I found a few more retro pages. Images are linked for credits.

Little baby Jason ❤ This page doesn’t look particularly retro, but I made the date look like one of those Dynamo labels. My dad had one when I was growing up and I’ll always think of the 70’s and 80’s when I see those kinds of fonts.

Speaking of 70’s babies….

Another, less garish baby Jen LO.

 Probably one of my favorites. It’s a little more grungy than retro, but maybe some people would consider distressed retro?

This is a perfect example of what a terrible old photo scrapper I can be. I don’t do any retouching or try to fix badly scanned photos. We’ll say it’s because I think it gives them character. Nothing to do with laziness on my part at all.

Love this one. But it did bring up one potential problem about scrapping retro photos- dealing with changing relationships. My parents have been happily divorced for 25 years. While I would like to scrap their wedding one day for posterity’s sake, this was not the time. I wanted to show my mom in the veil without showing my dad grinning down at her. That’s where creative cropping and the strategic use of butterflies come in.

For this one of my grandmother, I wanted more of a pretty and soft look than a retro look. To me, it showed her personality. She loved flowers and pretty things. The soft pastel colors reminded me of warm hugs. She always gave the best hugs.

Wow, I had no idea I had scrapped so many old photos. It’s pretty neat to see them all together in one place. It’s interesting to see how for some photos it’s fun to go all out with the retro theme. But others need a gentler touch. And it’s always nice to put a little bit of the subject’s personality into the LO if you can.

I think I definitely want to go do some more now. Thanks for looking 🙂

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