High Five for Friday


1. Apple pie. From Winn Dixie. With ice cream. The end.

2. New dishes. We’ve been wanting white square dishes for years. We always look at them and sigh and say “One day…..”. Well Saturday was the day. We found some for cheap at Costco and they’re pretty sweet. But they are huge, way bigger than our other dishes. I think we’ll eat off the dessert plates and use the regular plates as serving platters. We actually put a whole roasted chicken on one of the big plates and it fit, that’s how big these are. We also got some glass Snapware containers for lunches. I’m trying to rid our house of plastic dishes and it was really nice to get rid of our old stained ziplock plastics.

3. New Camera!!!

4. Being tech support. I rarely get the opportunity to be tech support for anyone except my mom. And Jason is actually in tech support, so of course he never needs my help. But when he tried to post about our new camera on his blog he ran into a couple of problems uploading photos. And I was actually able to help for once, so that felt kind of good.

5. Shrimp and grits. I made some last night that were so easy and so tasty!

It was a good week. The new camera and dishes inspired me to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. I tried several new recipes and I’m excited to put them up here in the next week.

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