August Roundup

This was an interesting month. On the one hand, it was a bummer because of being sad over Little Man’s leaving and my health junk. On the other hand it was pretty nice. I got to read a lot of audiobooks due to forced downtime. I also scrapped and wrote a lot. Jason worked a ton of OT this, and we generally hunkered down in the house most of the month.

In August

We watched-
Lots of Olympics!
Sherlock Holmes 1&2
Lots of the Big Bang Theory
The Hunger Games
The second season of the BBC Sherlock Holmes

I read-
The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters
Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters
The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, starting my obsession
I started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but haven’t finished it yet.
The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog by Elizabeth Peters
The Curse of the Pharohs by Elizabeth Peters
The Hippopotamus Pool by Elizabeth Peters
Seeing A Large Cat by Elizabeth Peters
The Ape Who Guards the Balance by Elizabeth Peters
The Falcon at the Portal by Elizabeth Peters
He Shall Thunder in the Sky

I made-
Homemade peppermint patties


Clean eating vegetable soup

Rice Krispie treats

Attempted roasted chickpeas with mint and feta

Found a new crockpot steak recipe that I love

Tried chocolate chip cookies with Velveeta

Chicken salad sandwiches with cranberries


I registered and started writing out 30 Days of Lists

Curiosity rover Landed On Mars!!

Jamie got a job!!!!!!! SO proud of her 🙂
I had an I&D (incision and drainage) of my left eyelid. Super fun.
Miss Kitty and I had a lot of chill time together

Jason set me up with dual monitors on my computer. Love it!
Little Man started 5th Grade!

RIP Neil Armsrong

We gathered together our Hurricane Survival Kit
Tropical Storm Isaac
Wrote my 100th post

Jason played the Force Unleashed 2

We hit 100,000 miles on the car!

Layouts- 16, plus 1 siggy
Posts- 18

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