What’s for Dinner? Vol. 4

I don’t think I’m going to keep up with these on a weekly basis, but last week was pretty interesting food wise. I dubbed it International Foods Week. It could have been called Jen Makes A Mess of Everything Week.

The Plan-
Sunday- Thai Chicken Pizza on Phyllo (similar to this)
Monday- Crock Pot Chicken OR Quinoa Burgers
Tuesday- Fish Tacos
Wednesday- Chicken Tikka Marsala (Megan from the Nerd Nest’s recipe)
Thursday- Veggie Samosas (another of Megan’s recipes)
Friday- Shrimp and Grits (to be blogged)
Saturday- Falafel

As I typed that, I realized that almost the whole week revolved around either one of Megan’s recipes, or came from a site that I found via her blog. I was feeling kind of adventurous and wanted to shake things up with some new to us food.

What Actually Happened-
Sunday- Tomato and Mozzarella on Phyllo, Peaches and Cream Phyllo to be blogged
Monday- Thai Chicken Pizza, to be blogged
Tuesday– Quinoa Burgers (fail) and Homemade Pita Bread
Wednesday- Chicken Gyros with leftover Pita
Thursday- Chicken Tikka Marsala
Friday- PB&J Sandwiches
Saturday- IKEA
Other Stuff- Smoothie

I try to have some kind of pizza on Sundays for football. I think I got distracted or lazy or something, so I ended up making things with Phyllo instead. I think it’s my new favorite thing!

Monday, I made Thai Chicken Pizza. This is one of our favorites and I don’t know why I don’t make it more often. Recipe to come.

Tuesday was when things started going downhill. It took three hours for me to make dinner that night and it was a disaster. I started out making homemade pita bread for the first time. I got the recipe here. I broke the cardinal of baking by changing the recipe. The dough felt off to me, but I’ve never made these before so I wasn’t sure exactly how it was supposed to feel. It turned out pretty good, but I want to make it at least one more time before I try to blog it.

Then we got to the part with the Quinoa Burgers. I’ll preface this by saying that I SUCK at frying things. I’ve never been able to fry anything. I burn it or way undercook it every. single. time. My failure at this recipe was user error and not the fault of the recipe itself. They were complete mush when I tried to cook them in the pan, so I tried the oven. That just dried them out. It was an epic inedible fail. So we had pita bread for dinner that night. One nice thing was that Jason sat at the bar and we talked while I was cooking. That’s one of those things we always say we want to do, but we don’t do it very often.


Wednesday was the night of the Apple Keynote. We had both read along with live blogs, but we always want to watch them on the TV. It’s a tradition. So I cooked up some chicken and tzasiki sauce using this recipe. (Also where I got the pita bread recipe). We sort of picked at everything while we watched the Keynote.

Thursday night I made Chicken Tikka Marsala. It could have been another epic fail. No rice or pita and I had to send Jason to the store for cinnamon. I was a bit flustered and added things in the wrong order and amounts, but I was able to correct things and it turned out really good. I will definitely have rice and pita next time because that sauce is Spicy! I think Little Man will like it though. He loves Indian food and spicy stuff, so will file it away for next summer.

I was really needing something to cool my mouth down from the chicken, so I made smoothies. I tossed half a bag of frozen strawberries and a banana in the blender with a cup of ice and a TBS of sugar. Nice and refreshing.

Friday… what the heck happened Friday? Oh yeah, Jason had to work pretty late and didn’t have much for lunch (I kept the leftover tikka for myself). So as soon as he came in he said all he wanted was a PB&J. So that’s what we did.

We had a late lunch at IKEA on Saturday and were too full for anything else. Oh how I love IKEA meatballs and mashed potatoes!

So that was our week of food. We visited many nations in our tummies. 🙂

Next week’s Plan

Sunday- Costco pizza
Monday- Shrimp and Grits (to be blogged)
Wednesday- Veggie Samosas
Thursday- Something from my new rice cooker
Friday- Fish Tacos
Saturday- Crock Pot Chicken

2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? Vol. 4

  1. I feel to blame for the fails because I keep posting complicated stuff! Trying new things is actually really stressful for me, usually. Jake has to run to the grocery store mid-cooking a lot too; lucky there’s one right around the corner from us! At least the cinnamon comes near the end.

    The frying on the quiona burgers is 100% an art. I had to scrap my first several (I actually just mixed the failed ones up and ate them like rice for lunch).

    The shrimp and grits sounds so yummy! I’ve never made it before. I’ll have to try it!

    • Oh no, you’re not to blame at all 🙂 It was a good learning experience.
      That’s a good idea about the quinoa with the rice. I thought about having them over eggs or something. Or wrapped in a tortilla. I liked the flavor, but my skills just don’t extend that far with frying at all. The shrimp and grits are so good. My version is the really lazy person’s version. I’ll post soon 🙂

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