30 Days of Lists- Days 15, 16, and 17

I know I’m young at heart when…

I can act totally ridiculous around my sister like we’re children.
Jason and I chase each other around then house.
I can enjoy the toilet jokes of a 10 year old.
I indulge in my crazy bento obsession and want to cut all my food into cute shapes.
I get the urge to reread Hank the Cowdog.
I doodle hearts and flowers while talking on the phone.

Things I’d like to learn- 

to speak more languages
to dance without humiliating myself
to sing without humiliating myself
more about photoshop
more about photography
more history
how to control my temper better
how to use my big food processor
just… everything…. I want to learn about everything… we could be here all day.


not enough time
it’s hard
no motivation
I don’t know how
I won’t be any good at it
I’ll look silly
not enough money
something better might come along
I’d rather do something else

Lists made 9.17.12

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