Memory Monday- Ever-changing travel tech

I was listening to an episode of Paperclipping Roundtable where they talk about things that have changed in our lifetimes. This is such a huge topic! But it started me thinking about one aspect of technology that has changed so much just in the few years I’ve been married, which is travel tech.

We live in south Florida, and almost all my family lives in Nashville, so we’ve made the trip between those two places a lot, not to mention a couple of road trips to West Virginia and Louisiana.

Our first road trip to Nashville was in 2006. For directions we used a printout from Map Quest and an atlas. And we thought we were pretty high tech! I actually still have those Map Quest directions stuck in our atlas in the car. I’m surprised we made it quite honestly, because I am not the best navigator in the world.

Since then we’ve had two GPS’s. They have been great to have on long road trips. Nuuvi is a much better navigator than I am. And I love that you can do little extra things like check elevation.

For shorter trips, or just finding things around town, Jason uses the iPhone maps. I don’t like them, but he’s the driver in the family, so I guess he gets to choose :P. Hopefully they will get better since Apple stopped using google maps.

It’s so interesting to me how technology has changed in the relatively short time we’ve been married. I think I’m a little old fashioned in that I think I will always want a dedicated GPS device. I’m probably in the minority though, because most people seem fine with having that on their phones. Can’t wait to see what the next six years will bring us.

3 thoughts on “Memory Monday- Ever-changing travel tech

  1. We have a dedicated GPS, but only because Jake won it a few years ago. The maps desperately need updating, but it’s still faster and more reliable than our phones.

    I can still read a map, but we don’t have any in our car. A few months ago I hit up five estate sales in one day with some friends, and I LOVED having the GPS map the shortest route to hit all of them up. I can’t imagine trying to do that on a map!

    • Oh yeah they’re So helpful for things like that! I love how you can pick the shortest distance or the shortest time. I’m terrible with maps so the gps is almost a necessity. I’d rather just decorate my house with the paper maps…

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