The master at work

I got a new laptop last week. Jason got tired of listening to me cursing out my 4 year old macbook pro. It still works, but it’s terribly slow for things like iPhoto and PSE. Plus I was running out of room. I’m a digital hoarder. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I am so grateful to have an awesome husband who wants me to have pretty things. And who knows that by “pretty things” I don’t mean jewelry :P. Also very lucky that he is the master of the hard drive switcheroo.

So here are a few pictures from the unboxing. Note how awesome the box looks against the backdrop of my favorite skirt ever.


MiK is an apple fankitty. Okay really she’s a fan of boxes in general.

I just had to add this one. He took a lot of pics of the unboxing with the big camera.

Here’s the new hard drive.

Making the first incision.

The guts.

Consulting Dr. Google.

Transplant is complete.

It’s aliiivvee!

Unfortunately after all that hoopla, the laptop in the above photos had to be returned due to a faulty iSight camera. We went Saturday to exchange it for this one.

I liked that series of photos though, and Jason did the same had drive switching again. He’s getting a lot of practice switching out hard drives recently.

I’m enjoying my new laptop a lot. It’s pretty speedy, and will be even more so after he bumps up the memory in a few weeks. My old laptop eventually be repurposed as a media center computer.

If this post wasn’t nerdy enough for you, you can check out Jason’s blog, where you can hear all about the new iOS update and see lots of pretty pictures. 🙂

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