30 Days of Lists- Day 26

Trends I cannot stand-
Skinny jeans. They are only flattering on about 10% of the population. The rest of us should steer clear. We will all live to regret this trend, mark my words….
Colored pants- see above
The overuse of chevron. I really like chevron, but do we really need to plaster everything that will sit still in chevron?
Patent infringement lawsuits
Mustaches (fake or otherwise)
Big 80’s frames for glasses
Candidates on both sides spewing hate instead of facts
The term “Obamacare”, or anything that puts a candidate’s name in a word or phrase like that.

Now I feel kind of bad for writing all that. Usually Jason is the only one who sees this incredibly bitchy, judgmental side of my personality. I should say that with the exception of the political ones, these trends only annoy me.  They’re fine for other people. If you want to go around in yellow chevron printed skinny jeans, big glasses, and a mustache, more power to you! Just don’t bring up Apple v. Samsung or Obamacare, because you’ll get an earful 😛

List made 9.25.12

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