Happy Fall, y’all

I’m so ready for fall. Ready for cooler weather. Ready for long sleeved shirts. Ready for festivals and farmers markets. Ready to pick strawberries and tomatoes one more time. Ready to snuggle under blankets. Ready for that crisp feel in the air that gives a little spring in the step. Ready to decorate. Ready to bake. Ready to enjoy the time alone with Jason. Ready for a road trip. Fall is my favorite. 🙂

Fun stuff happen in the fall. (I apologize ahead of time for the following terrible photos).

I got a baby sister (1986)
I met the devil. (2004)
I started planning a wedding (2005)
We made haunted graveyard cakes (2007)

Little Man played in some hay (2008)
We went to New Orleans (2009)
We hit Food and Wine (2010)

And Key West (2011)

So ready to see what Fall 2012 will bring!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fall, y’all

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