What’s for Dinner? Vol. 7

Things are getting back to normal around here, so I’m going to start cooking the majority of the food again. This week I’m going to try to make mostly dinners that I can make in stages a little at a time throughout the day, instead of standing at the stove for a long time. That’s the plan anyway.

I’m also still working on having a salad (almost) every day. It’s nice to eat some of my old favorites and trying a few new combinations. I’m especially loving salads with berries, and some with shrimp. So yummy!

Here’s the plan for this week-

Sunday– Chicken noodle soup
MondayHomemade pizza
Tuesday– Tacos
Wednesday– Apricot chicken and broccoli casserole
ThursdayFish Tacos
Friday– Crock pot chicken, either mine, or I might try to revamp Megan’s tikka marsala for the crock pot, depending on how fancy I’m feeling and if I can find pita bread
Saturday– Shrimp and grits

You can find more What’s for Dinner? posts here.

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