Fall TV

I’m still here, in 85 degree weather waiting for fall to arrive in South Florida. Any day now…

While I’m waiting on that, there are tons of fun fall things to watch right now. The new fall season of some of our favorite shows have finally arrived, and we’ve found a few new ones we like too.

There have been a couple of disappointments, like Revolution and The New Normal. I was pretty excited for both of these, but they were both meh . I think Jericho and Modern Family did it first and did it better.

We weren’t especially looking forward to The Mindy Project or Go On, but both have been surprisingly good so far. I usually hate to watch anything medical related for entertainment, but TMP is mostly focused on her love life, or lack thereof. She just happens to also be a doctor. We’ve only seen one episode of Go On, but it was pretty cute, so it got added to the DVR a little late in the game.

As for old favorites coming back… Loving the direction they’ve taken with Once Upon A Time! We were kind of worried what they would do with everyone getting their memories back finally, but now they’ve added in a new place and a few new characters they’re keeping things fresh.

NCIS’s first couple of episodes were kind of downers but they picked it up and it’s getting back to the same show we know and love.

Up All Night is still hilarious, especially the trapeze episode. I mentioned before how much I would love to take trapeze lessons 🙂

And last, but not least… Vampire Diaries!!! Okay, I know. I will not defend my love for VD here. I will just say that for a show written for teenagers, it’s pretty damned good. The end. This season starts out with Elena waking up changed. (I won’t get spoilery in case anyone wants to catch up on the first couple of seasons on Netflix streaming. Which you should). Anyway, Elena is changed, but will she stay that way? Or will Bonnie find a way to stop things? And who’s this new crazy priest? And will the humans be able to take back Mystic Falls from the sups? And wtf is up with Tyler? And can poor Rebecca get a freakin’ break already? I think the best part for me was when Gram showed up. Pretty great. I might have jumped up and down and pointed just a little. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

Yes, we watch too much TV. That actually doesn’t even scratch the surface of our DVR to-record list. There are several shows, like Covert Affairs and CSI that we record too. These are just the ones we keep up with regularly. The rest we save for when our other shows have gone to reruns or on hiatus.

Would love to hear if anyone has any good recommendations for TV shows 🙂

1 thought on “Fall TV

  1. I like vampire D myself. Like you said, the teen thing. But for some reason I just kept wanting to give it a chance, and after 10 episodes, the story finally kicked in. I was excited for the new season =P. I also was worried about NCIS. Hopefully it fully comes back up to standard. IF you aren’t watching Sons of Anarchy……FOR SHAME ! It’s time to start with season 1 and work your way up. That show has had the most shocking scenes I’ve ever seen on television. Period. Another returning show I’m happy to see back is Person of Interest. Also worth catching up on if you don’t watch it. Oh…Hell on Wheels. An actual western on TV. Great show.

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