What’s for dinner? Vol. 9

The past two weeks were pretty hit or miss food wise. Here are a few of the highlights.

Frozen perigees. I seriously need to learn to make these from scratch.

I made some chicken and dumplings. Overcooked them 😦

Thai Chicken pizza with sweet cucumber salad.

I think we had pizza two or three times in one week.

We brought sushi home from Publix one afternoon. It’s our first sushi in the new place. Why did we wait so long?

Hers and his hot chocolate and coffee.

We had chili and quesadillas for dinner Halloween night. The quesadillas are supposed to look like candy corns, but I got the wrong kind of cheese. They were tasty anyway.

And then there was Halloween candy…

I also made my Chicken Noodle Soup, Megan’s chicken tikka marsala, and My Aunt Marsha’s sausage dip, but forgot to take pics of the finished products.

So that was the last couple of weeks. Here is the plan for this week.

I had a lot of things on my brain Friday and was not in the mood to come up with a menu. Whenever that happens I turn to my trusty Menu Mailer. Someone else comes up with the menu and the grocery list. All I have to do is shop and cook. I’ve bought almost all of Leanne Ely’s cookbooks and I’ve been a Menu Mailer subscriber on and off for years. Some of my very favorite recipes have been from Leanne.

The only downside of using the Menu Mailers is that it means I actually have to cook real food, as opposed to throwing a box of something in the oven. It’s time consuming, but way better for us.

Sunday– Crock pot steak
Monday– Bacon and Mushroom Chicken Breasts with Kaylin’s roasted zucchini and feta
Tuesday– Mushroom stuffed peppers
Wednesday– Pork chops with mustard sauce
Thursday– Creamy Lemon Chicken
Friday– Checker’s or something garbage-y
Saturday– Ravioli soup

You can find more What’s for Dinner? posts here.

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