What’s for dinner? Vol. 10

Here was the plan for last week.

Sunday– Crock pot steak
Monday– Bacon and Mushroom Chicken Breasts with Kaylin’s roasted zucchini and feta
Tuesday– Mushroom stuffed peppers
Wednesday– Pork chops with mustard sauce
Thursday– Creamy Lemon Chicken
Friday– Checker’s or something garbage-y
Saturday– Ravioli soup

This is what actually happened.

Menu-Mailer week was a success. I’m going to try it for at least one more week. I’m really liking getting more variety in our dinners. And a ton more veggies, thanks to the side suggestions. I don’t always follow the recipes or the side suggestions exactly, but it’s a great starting point. One thing that I need to be wary of is portion sizes. Sometimes the meals that are supposed to feed 4 people just barely feed both of us. Also I’m going to make more carb-y sides for Jason. He doesn’t complain, but I know he gets weary of meat + veggies every single night.

Sunday we had crock pot steak (my favorite way to cook steak because I’m very bad at cooking it in a pan. I added broccoli and cauliflower, black-eyed peas, and biscuits.

Monday we had bacon wrapped chicken breasts, red potatoes (frozen), and my very favorite zucchini recipe from Kaylin’s Kitchen. It was really tasty and I think I’ll make something similar again, this time with cheese.

Tuesday was Election Night. We were so stressed out that we made an executive decision to have Checker’s.

Wednesday night we had stuffed peppers. They were good, but not at all filling. We had pinto beans and corn as sides.

Thursday night I made pork chops with mustard sauce. I was expecting it to be really tasty, but once I cooked them, I noticed they had an odd smell. We decided to err on the side of caution and tossed them. We had the planned sides, green beans and mashed potatoes. I usually make two kinds of green beans since Jason likes canned and I like fresh.

We almost always have frozen rolls with little sausages in the middle for emergencies so we had those as well.

Friday we practiced great self-restraint and didn’t go for a second round of Checkers in one week. Instead I made crock pot lemon chicken and green beans. I also made lemony rice and asparagus cooked my favorite way with pesto.

Saturday we had a busy day with errands. We got preoccupied with file management (me) and the Force Unleashed (Jason) and forgot all about dinner until late. So we did our old standby of PB&J and cereal.

Here’s this week’s menu-

Sunday– Beef and Mushroom soup
Monday– Chicken stir fry
Tuesday– Pork kabobs
Wednesday– Tilapia with apples and peppers
Thursday– Crock pot Lemon Chicken
Friday– Ravioli soup. Or possibly Checker’s.
Saturday– Date night!

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