My December Daily foundation pages

I won a lovely vintage book from Megan at the Nerd Nest a couple of months ago and I knew that was going to be “the book” for my December Daily. I am so not crafty, so I knew if I wanted to participate in DD this year, someone else was going to have to make my book for me.

I d want to decorate the front some way, possibly by adding an ornament like Monica from Scrap Inspired did. simple and very doable even for someone like me. For the inside, I’m going to use the pages that came with the book + lots of photos + maybe some extra lined pages, depending on how wordy I feel. I have no clue how big this sucker is going to be. I have visions of adding to it each year instead of doing a completely new book every year. But I’m not sure how realistic that will be.

My book is going to be more of a “Holiday Book” as opposed to a real December Daily like Ali does. I don’t necessarily want it to be our daily lives through December. That’s what I have Project Life for. I want to use it more for telling stories and showing pictures. They could be of what we did that day, or something from holidays past.

I have a whole bunch of prompts that should help the process along. If anything I might be over-prompted. But I do love prompts and lists and such. Here are a few I’ll be using for photos and journaling-

Katrina Kennedy’s photo prompts list
Megan’s Holiday Add-On prompts
Trixie Scraps has some daily photo ideas and prompts that she started last week
I’m really considering doing Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas this year. Would love to hear from anyone who has taken her class.
And here’s a really cute alternative to December Daily, an advent book from Wild Blueberry Ink.

I was debating whether or not to post my foundation pages, since I didn’t personally choose or make them. But I’m obviously pretty up front about that aspect so I think it’s ok. So here we go… (I’m not showing the cover since I haven’t decided what to do yet)

After this, the papers repeat so I won’t show all that. My favorite pages are the vintage newsprint pages and the glittery pages. I don’t want to cover them up. It’s pretty sweet. I love it.  I’m super excited to get started.

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