On the Road again. (Wednesday)

We had every intention of getting an early start to our Secret Thanksgiving trip. For us, a trip from West Palm to Nashville is around 17 hours. This factors in drive time + lots of potty and food stops + random stops if we see something cool by the side of the road + 2-3 traffic jams along the way. While we have made it in less time before, 17 hours is about average.

We usually try to get out by 6 or 7 in the morning, but we were pretty laid back that morning. It was nice because we were staying at a hotel so nobody would be waiting up for us. We did our usual get up, pack the car, gas station stop, then jumped on the turnpike. Then we realize we didn’t have the GPS, so we had to go back. I still don’t trust phone GPS’s for long trips. So we ended up not leaving until almost 8.

Goodbye palm trees!

 Breakfast of champions. All the talk about the Twinkie Shortage made me crave little cream filled cakes.

I always need to keep a ridiculous amount of junk in the front floorboard with me. We have plenty of room in the car, but I insist on cacooning myself in with my “necessities”. Most of which I don’t even touch. But you never know when you need easy access to toilet paper and notebooks on a long trip.

 They have these roadside stands all over Florida and we’d never stopped at one before. It had an interesting selection to say the least.

We were totally enthralled by all the interesting trees and the beautiful fall leaves. We took a ton of pictures and Jason picked up one for me to put in my scrapbooks. I heart him.

There was a hilarious squirrel eating out of the trash can at one of the rest stops. He kept running from one side to the other, then stopping just long enough for us to snap a picture, then continuing on with his squirrel snacks.

We made it through Atlanta relatively unscathed. The traffic was actually not too terrible considering it was one of the busiest travel days of the year. I always try to take pictures as we drive through Hotlanta and they always turn out pretty bad.

We decided to skip our usual Chinese buffet in Macon this year. Our stomachs weren’t in the best condition for sushi that night. So we had dinner at Cracker Barrel instead.

 I always start getting excited around Chattanooga. That means we’re finally in Tennessee and there are only a couple more hours to go. I celebrate by taking more terrible car pics.

We finally made it to Nashville and our hotel. It was a great trip up and pretty relaxing for a long car ride. We love taking long road trips together. It’s nice to have all that uninterrupted time together to talk and listen to music. We always talk about things we want for the house, plans for future lottery winnings, and more fun places we want to travel together.

This year we were on the road for my sister’s birthday, so I spent some time on the phone. It was So Hard to not let my family find out what we were doing. I had to tell everyone we were on our way to Costco and that’s why they kept hearing road noises. 😛

I think the hardest part of the day was staying away from social media, especially Instagram! Jason and I always use Facebook to keep everybody updated on where we are during the trip. And it’s virtually impossible for a day to go by without me posting to Instagram. It’s funny how that has become such an ingrained part of our lives. I really missed it that day. But it was So Worth It to keep the surprise going!

You can see how we came up with the Thanksgiving Surprise here.

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