Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving was our last full day in Nashville.

Every time we visit, it’s mandatory to take my mom to Shoney’s Breakfast Bar. 
IMG_8046I know there are more pictures from the morning, but I can’t find them. Grrr…..

After we ate breakfast, I finally talked Jason into going to Krispy Kreme. I’ve been trying to get him in there for years! I love Krispy Kreme and there aren’t any stores in So Flo. Which is sad and they are totally missing out. Krispy Kreme is way better than Disney any day. You can watch the doughnuts go on their production journey through a window and it’s just mesmerizing watching them on the conveyer belt moving from the fryer to the glazing to the boxes… it’s magical. And the smell! So delicious!


Can you tell I’m super excited with my snowman doughnut?

We said goodbye to my mom and headed to Dad and Jeannie’s. We decided, after much back and forth, to g to Olive Garden for a late lunch. My family is indecisive to the extreme.

Jamie and I displayed great maturiosity by rolling around in the chairs.


You really can’t take us out in public…

One thing that I love about my relationship with my sister is that we can have serious life discussions one minute, and the next we’ll be acting like complete loons.

We had a really nice lunch of appetizers and picked off each others’ plates. I think we forgot to take pics of the food.


We dropped Dad and Jeannie off and then took J to work. I hadn’t seen her since she got her new job, and I was excited to see it. We chatted to her boss, who said what a good job Jamie was doing. Have I mentioned how super proud of her I am? I think she was a little embarrassed to have us there, well me more than Jason because he knows how to act normal 😛 But I was excited! I knew after I started taking pictures that I’d gone too far in my over-enthusiasm so we left.

IMG_8059But she couldn’t be too surly with me because there were customers around so HA!

Anyway, after that we wanted to go downtown really quick to get some photos with the big camera during the golden hour. I want to do another post with some of my favorite places, but here are a couple from my phone.


Love love love driving over the bridge and seeing the skyline. It makes my heart sing.





After the sun set, we headed to my Aunt Marsha’s for our last visit of the trip. It was nice catching up with Marsha and Claude. My cousin Trey, his girlfriend Honey, and her daughter, Sammy stopped by for dinner.

We didn’t stay long because we had a long day ahead of us driving home the next day.

A super busy, but wonderful day. Way better than shopping on Black Friday!

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