Project Life- Week 46

First off, I’d like to say hi to the new people who found my blog through my Sausage Ball recipe on Pinterest. Apparently everyone was looking for a good sausage ball recipe around Thanksgiving. 🙂

For this week, I just wanted to get it done. Mostly photos, very few words. The only real story I wanted to tell was our Date Day, so the rest was super simple.

P3652012Week46full web

The first page is mostly photos from the phone, and a few Instagrams. My Green Market flowers were still going strong. I got new “grownup” pots and pans. (I can’t find a link to them anywhere, they seem to be an in-store only thing). Obligatory cute MK pic, snuggling under a blanket, new holiday screen savers, and some nice warm weather. The bottom left pocket  is my favorite. It’s two pictures of mine and Jason’s bathroom products. He always sets his stuff out so neatly every night, and I had no idea I used so much stuff until I put it all out on the sink like that. The last picture on the page is our football grub. We were all over some Triscuits and white cheddar that week.


The second page is all about the food. I was excited for my new cookware and made a bunch of food. Tortellini soup, Chicken and pepper stir-fry, my favorite Shrimp Salad, my new favorite Beefy Pumpkin and Mushroom Soup, a fantastic Chocolate Lava cake recipe I got from Tammy, and Fish Tacos. Super tasty week. And it was fun using a different template to change things up a little.


I also made an insert about our Date Day. I took the words directly from this post, not even bothering to change anything. I was lazy this week.


Credits: Becky Higgins Project Life Templates (insert template altered by me).

And one last insert page, a LO that I made for a Speed Scrap a few weeks ago.

Walk On web

So that wraps up Week 46! Thanks for looking 🙂

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more by clicking here. More of my Project Life posts can be found here.

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