What’s for dinner? Vol. 11

I took a hiatus on WFD during Thanksgiving, but I’m back and ready for some menu planning goodness! Okay I know I’m the only one remotely excited about menu planning, but that’s okay :P.

I’ve been continuing with the Menu Mailer on and off the past couple of weeks. Still eating lots more veggies when I do that, so yay! This week’s MM wasn’t really inspiring me much, so I decided to do something a little different. Each week I print out the MM and mark the recipes I want to make and write down any changes or substitutions. (I always substitute chicken for turkey recipes, etc.) So this week I took out my recipe pile and picked our favorites from the past month and made our menus from that. I want to start some kind of file or list with our favorites for weeks that I’m not inspired by anything.

Also, we’ve started doing the grocery shopping on Friday, so it makes more since to post my WFD on Fridays or Saturdays now.

Here’s the plan for next week-

Friday– Ladies Night/ Burritos for Jason
Saturday– Beefy Mushroom Soup
Sunday– Crock Pot Steak or Pizza
Monday– Creole steak soup
Tuesday– Pork Chops with mustard sauce
Wednesday– Garlic Basil Chicken, Zuccini from Kaylin’s recipe
Thursday– Stir-fry
Friday– Bacon mushroom chicken sandwiches or Checker’s

You can find more What’s for Dinner? posts here.

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