Needing to clear off my hot mess of a desk.

Listening to all of my soundtracks in iTunes on shuffle and finding some old favorites again.

Looking forward to a Ladies Night Out.

Hoping for a restful weekend for Jason. He really needs it.

Impatiently waiting on a call that will help us plan New Year’s.

Realizing Christmas is just around the corner and I need to really think about presents.

Happy that all my Christmas cards are mailed.

Planning to decorate the tree this weekend.

Walking a mile a day every day until New Years.

Ready to work on some non-Project Life layouts.

Working through a few photo/journaling prompt lists this month.

Lighting Jason’s way home every night.

Chasing MK when she tries to escape out the door.

Laughing over comics the Little Man sent us this week.

Looking for a cable… always looking for a cable…

Catching up on Top Chef.

Reading the Widows Club.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thinking over a conversation with my Dad.

Cursing shin splints.

Researching Paleo. (No, I’m not going there, but I do like to research different eating plans).

Banning spammers.

Anticipating the flood of Christmas cards that I know are filling up my mailbox… (Every year I have the same hope. Every year I get about 2 cards. Yet I still hope).

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