Sad news…

It was announced over the weekend that Scrappity Doo Dah will be closing at the end of the month.

SDD has been my digi home for three years. I still remember how nervous I was to post that first LO in the gallery. I’d never posted anything before and I really had to work up courage to hit that “upload” button.

When I was going through difficult times at work, it was really wonderful to come to a place where I could feel welcomed and encouraged. The ladies there will never know how much they helped me with every nice gallery comment and kind word.

I really appreciate Yvonne and Tam for all their hard work in making SDD such a great place to be.

The designers there have been so wonderful. Their creative and unique designs  were a pleasure to work with each month.

My fellow Creative Team Members blew me away with their gorgeous LO’s. I could, and have, spent hours browsing the gallery looking at the all the lovely pages made by our members and CT’s. Thank you Monica for letting me work with such a great team.

I will miss my Love Birds! You guys are seriously one of the best things about SDD. Your brought enthusiasm and positivity to the gallery and forums and I appreciate each of you so much. Now I don’t know who I’ll be able to boss around. Guess I’ll have to retire my whip!

Thanks to all the awesome moderators who have come and gone. Thanks to the Challenge Hostesses. Thanks to the fabulous Speed Scrap Hostesses. You all made SDD a more fun, interesting place to be, especially on Sunday nights.

Thanks especially to Susan. You held SDD together. I’ve learned a ton from you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for answering all my 10,000 questions. And fixing my screw-ups (of which there were many!)

But what really made SDD such a fantastic place was the members. Such a warm welcoming group of ladies! I will really miss the community that we made together. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you all.

Well before I get too emo on here, I guess I’ll talk about plans for the future.

I will be joining another scrapping site (or two). I need a community. I need challenges. They keep me motivated. No other site will be quite as awesome as SDD, but I’m hoping I can find somewhere that will be a good fit. It will feel strange without any spammers to ban, or LOTD to post. I’ll be a regular scrapper again. So I will probably scrap a lot more 🙂

Unfortunately with the closing of SDD, a few of the designers have decided to retire, at least temporarily. One of these is Partners In Crime, who I CT for. I’m hoping we can talk them into coming back though 🙂

I will be joining Inspired By Dominic’s Creative Team. Yay! I have enthused about Tiff’s designs before. Can’t wait to make more LO’s with her awesome kits.

I am also hoping to join one more team. Will share when I know.

But in the meantime SDD is having some killer sales. Tons of $1 kits. Come check them out! Images are linked to the designer’s store.







4 thoughts on “Sad news…

    • I know! 😦 Have you looked around at other sites? I’m thinking of Scrapbook Bytes, but they’re pretty small and I’m wary of going with a smaller site. I don’t want to go through another site closing! They have a ton of challenges each month though. Also looking a lot at Ginger Scraps. I’ve done some challenges at Gotta Pixel and Scrap Orchard, but haven’t gotten into their communities to see what they’re like.

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