2013 Goals

I’m apparently pretty lousy at making long-term goals. I’m way better at making and sticking to shorter monthly ones. So much happened last year with moving, new job, family illness and crisis, health junk, etc. I am certainly not in the place I thought I would be this time last year. Literally.

So we need a year to maintain.

  • Maintain our home, wherever that is. We made a lot of big purchases this year, so we need to slow down on spending and keep the things we have in good shape.
  • Maintain the healthy habits we started last year. Moving our butts, continuing to clean up our diets, all that fun stuff
  • Maintain our relationship at the optimal level it is now. This has been a seriously stressful year at times, but we remained Team Awesome. It takes work, but it’s the best kind of work.
  • Maintain our sanity in the face of what could be the most crazy hectic summer to date.

So that’s the plan for 2013. I could list 1,000 other things that I’d like to do and accomplish this year. But this is it, broken down into the simplest of terms.


Some smaller things I want to work on in January-

  • walk 40 miles
  • do 12 strength training workouts
  • continue working through my Project Life for 2012 and start 2013
  • work my daily housekeeping routines
  • make it to 250 blog posts
  • do some just for fun LO’s
  • use my big camera more

4 thoughts on “2013 Goals

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