Project Life Week- Project Life “Failures”

I was going to do a huge long post on Project Life today, but it kind of got out of hand, so I’m splitting it up into more manageable chunks. So this week I’m going to do shorter posts on the products I’m using, how I’m making 8×8 work for me, the digital products I’m using (and not using), wrapping up 2012, and where I’m going in 2013.

But first of all I want to address all the Project Life “failures” out there…

I’ve seen many blogs over the past week that mention “Project Life Failure” in the title. This makes me So Sad. And a little cranky. People say they “fail” because they didn’t take a photo every day or they “failed” because they only got a few months in, or they “failed” because they only did four layouts.

Come on people! Let go of your perfectionism already!

So you didn’t take a photo every single day. Neither did I. Make a monthly spread instead. No big deal. You’re not a failure!

So you only made it through March then quit. Who cares? You have three months of documentation that you would not have had otherwise. This is wonderful. This is not a failure!

So you did less than a month and lost steam/ got overwhelmed/ life happened/ etc. That’s ok! You tried. You either found that it wasn’t for you, or you used that as motivation to try again. Either way… not a failure!

I would call all of these “learning experiences”, not failures. This is supposed to be fun, not guilt inducing. And if it’s not fun for you anymore, try to figure out why and do something about it. Simplify. Or change things up. Or take a break. We all need a break sometimes. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I will be perfectly honest here. I could easily call myself a Project Life Failure. I have several weeks in 2013 that I haven’t finished. Maybe even 15, I’m not sure. But I see this as a process, not a race to keep up. This is my project, it’s supposed to make me happy.

I will get off my soapbox now, because I can go on and on and on about this.

4 thoughts on “Project Life Week- Project Life “Failures”

  1. I know that in Allie’s case, it’s just for the catchy title 😉 (which worked, because man is that post popular right now). I like that her post makes a lot of the same points that yours does (three months of Project Life is an AWESOME thing to have!). I know that a lot of people FEEL like a failure if they didn’t complete the project in the way that they intended, so getting past those feelings and having a perspective shift is really really helpful.

  2. Please don’t think that I’m criticizing Allie in any way for writing that. I actually had this post in mind from last week after talking to a bunch of my SDD girls about P365 and I kept hearing over and over that they tried it for a little while and it didn’t work for them. (I used to host a P365 challenge so I’ve heard this for years). Last week it just seemed like my RSS was filled with women feeling bummed that they had “failed” at it and resolving to try again. I wasn’t trying to single anyone out. I like Allie’s take on it and that she has changed things up this year to make it work for her. I think it’s an ever-evolving process for most of us. And if it motivates you to say that you’ve overcome your failures, then go for it. Allie had a very positive tone in her post. But several others I’ve seen just seemed to feel bad about themselves for not finishing. That’s what was bumming me out a little. I think some people see what others are doing, whether it’s blogs or Pinterest, or whatever, and instead of seeing it as inspiration or motivation, they compare themselves to other people in a negative way.

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