I really like Kristin’s new Currently cards. Great for Project Life. I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate my handwriting into my digital PL this year, so these could definitely help with that.

So here are my Currents:
Watching- Top Chef, Big Bang Theory, just caught up with Elementary
Reading- WebMD, Real Simple, a whole lot of blogs
Listening- back episodes of Paperclipping Roundtable
Making- LO’s for challenges and CT assignments
Feeling- anxious
Planning- menus
Loving- working out as a stress relief… pretzels and Nutella as an additional stress relief

And a few others I’ll throw in just because…
Super annoyed by the complete lack of journalistic integrity CBS is showing right now.
Excited about all the new Project Life kits.
Wishing they would add a paypal option to the AC Digitals store so I can actually buy some of them someday.
Hearing the dog downstairs barking… barking… barking.
Remembering why I like cats.
Trying to be brave. And strong.
Thinking it’s going to be a long two weeks.
Looking forward to Oshogatsu this weekend.

Posting might be a little sparse for the next few weeks. Hopefully things will be back to normal around the middle of February. I’ll be around, always on instagram, sometimes on Twitter.

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