Grand Opening of Mandy King’s store at Gotta Pixel


I’m excited to announce that Mandy will be joining Gotta Pixel as of today!

I was really worried about the fate of our designers when SDD closed. But it’s great to see that so many of them have found new homes at other stores. And it was extremely nice of Mandy to invite several of the SDD Creative Team to join her CT. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, so it was a great opportunity to work with her kits. I will also be doing some blogging for her in the future, so that will be exciting!

Here is a LO I made with the Christmassing kit.

Christmasing kit by Mandy King<br /> Apple Cider Doughnuts font

Christmasing kit by Mandy King…t=0&page=2
Apple Cider Doughnuts font

Also in other good news, two more SDD designers have opened up stores at Gotta Pixel today, Jolanda of Jellenelleke’s Designs and Theresa of Simple Girl Scraps. And I know of at least one more SDD alumni who will be opening up at GP next month… oooh suspense!

So congrats to them, and thanks for looking! 🙂

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

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