Changing up the bloggity blog

Apparently I’m very bad about writing posts and not publishing them… Here’s one I wrote a couple months ago showing my little redesign. In case you haven’t noticed, here’s my “new” header.

I want to freshen up things a little for fall. New season, new header.

I also changed things up a little on the sidebar, adding a Projects section. This part is going to be a work in progress. Eventually I’d like to add menus with images. I still want a clean look, you’ll probably never see patterned backgrounds or anything like that here. I think my layouts are plenty loud enough.

I changed the About Me page. I always find writing those kind of things to be super awkward. Which you’d think I’d be used to it now, considering how I blah blah blah about myself on here all day long.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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